Edible Flower Recipes

Sometimes life can get into a routine that’s hard to break out of. You may not have the time to fit something new into your schedule, and you might not have enough money to travel anywhere for vacation. The trick to breaking out of your mental rut is experimenting with new foods. Did you know there might be an edible flower right in your backyard that you can use in your daily meals?

It might be intimidating to think about eating a flower. After all, flowers aren’t usually used as food, only as decoration. But they actually have surprising health benefits. Flowers can have antioxidant contents that help purify the human body. If you’re into antioxidant teas and herbs, this can really save you some money while you have fun experimenting with new recipes.

Make sure when you’re ready to try an edible flower, you buy one from somewhere that doesn’t use pesticides or chemicals. The treatments typically used on plants are not safe for human ingestion, so you have to make sure you buy from somewhere that may even sell flowers for the purpose of cooking. A great idea is to grow your own flowers, once you know what you like. The only way to do that is to look around for some edible flower recipes to try!

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Rose-Infused Jam

It might be easiest to start off your flower cooking with some sides, and rose-infused jam is a great one to start with. There are only seven ingredients — two of them are water — and it only takes just over four hours to make two and a half cups of jam. You’ll have a pretty, sweet topping to share with friends that’ll make them come back for seconds.

Basil Blossom Butter

Don’t worry — you don’t have to make your own butter by hand. After you get basil blossoms from a local shop, it’ll only take minutes to whip up some butter you won’t be able to get anywhere else. This makes for another great side to try if you want to start out with a smaller flower recipe.

Honey-Lemon Flower Salad

Everything about this recipe is homemade, which is great because it puts you in control of what you eat. The honey-lemon dressing is super simple with four ingredients, so the salad is where your focus will be. The great thing about this salad is that the flowers can be interchanged, so you don’t ever have to eat the same thing twice. Throw some fruit in the mix, stir together and you’ll have a beautiful lunch in no time!

Poppy Spaghetti

This is a great recipe for those who are looking for a main entrée — and for those of us who want to eat better without entirely ditching pasta. Poppy spaghetti will add a bit of flower fun to your meal without making you cook away in the kitchen all day. You’ll end up with a different twist on an old classic, plus you can use whatever shaped pasta you like.

Johnny-Jump-Up Angel Food Cake

For an easy dessert idea, try baking your usual kind of angel food cake. Top with this homemade sour cream glaze and some Johnny-Jump-Ups, and you’ll have a cake so pretty, you may end up not wanting to eat it. But really, you will, because it’s cake and it’s delicious.

Lavender-Infused Vodka

Maybe dessert isn’t your thing, and you want to skip straight to the part of the evening where you unwind after a long day with a cool drink. For that, there’s lavender-infused vodka. This won’t be something you can drink immediately, as you have to let the lavender soak in your choice vodka for five days, but once it’s ready, you’ll strain the lavender out and have a taste in your glass to end your day.

Cooking with flowers is something most people usually don’t do. They aren’t sold at grocery stores for people to eat, so most people don’t think to try them. However, flowers can be incorporated into almost any recipe. They add flavor and flare to any meal! Try some new recipes out to shake up your usual eating routine, and then maybe look into growing a little garden so you can have a flower feast whenever you’d like.